Combattre la corruption dans le développement international : une théorie ancrée de la gestion de projets dans un contexte socioculturel complexe

Yanik Harnois, Stéphane Gagnon, (2022), « Fighting corruption in international development: A grounded theory of managing projects within a complex socio-cultural context », Journal of Advances in Management Research, ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print). Résumé Objectif Dans une perspective transdisciplinaire, les auteurs synthétisent la littérature sur les enjeux théoriques, méthodologiques et épistémologiques de l’étude de la corruption comme construit

Corruption et développement international : une revue des défis de la gestion de projet

Yanik Harnois, Stéphane Gagnon, (2022), « Corruption and international development: A review of project management challenges », Journal of Financial Crime, 29(3), 864–877. Résumé Objectif Les résultats et la qualité des projets de développement international (PDI) restent très controversés, en particulier avec la perception de la corruption par les différentes parties prenantes. Cette étude vise

Impact de l’intelligence artificielle et des technologies numériques sur les comptables et la gestion des talents

Kouassi Raymond Agbodoh-Falschau, Stéphane Gagnon, (2022), « Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies on Accountants and Talent Management », The 2022 Annual Meeting – American Accounting Association (AAA 2022), San Diego, CA, August 1-3, 2022; < Proceedings URL to be added soon >. Résumé : L’intelligence artificielle et les technologies numériques sont de plus en plus

Torres, Beatriz

Phase 3-Prop Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2017 –  LinkedIn Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Raul Valverde Business Technology Management Semantic Integration for Automated Project Team Composition Torres, Beatriz Over the past 20 years, Agile methods have grown beyond their origins in Software Engineering (SE) and have been adapted to most other sectors in Project Management

Sidenko, Svetlana

Phase 3-Prop Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2018 – LinkedIn Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Raul Valverde Situational Awareness in Cybersecurity: An Empirical Software Engineering Study Sidenko, Svetlana Cybersecurity Situational Awareness (CyberSA) relates to the complex team-based tasks of « gathering information, perceiving and understanding the state of the world, and predicting states of the world

Iyer, Shankar

Phase 3-Prop Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2016 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn Business Technology Management Ontology and Knowledge Recommendation Iyer, Shankar Business Technology Management (BTM) is a rapidly emerging trans-disciplinary research area and professional discipline in Business Administration. It seeks to provide an integrated framework for the strategic use of Information

Murariu, Florica

Phase 4-The Prog. DGP Adm. – Grad. 2014 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn Business Technology Management (BTM) Executives and Digital Transformation Leadership Murariu, Florica (Lily) Context: Business Technology Management (BTM) is an emerging profession dedicated to leading the Digital Transformation of organizations and industries. Given their evolving roles and competency profile, we study

Eloumri, Miloud

Phase 4-The Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2017 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn Integrating Semantic Reasoning in a Multi-Agent System in Erlang Eloumri, Miloud Context: Since the revolution of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and especially since about 2005, software is undergoing its next revolution towards explicit concurrent and parallel programming due to the

Elgebli, Jamal

Phase 3-Prop Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2017 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn BTM Standards Integration within Talent Management Processes: An Ontology Engineering Approach Elgebli, Jamal Context: The e-Recruitment process has become an essential functionality in electronic Human Resource Management (eHRM). It allows to minimize the search time and provide best recruitment

Potvin, Joseph

Phase 4-The Prog. DGP Adm. – Grad. 2013 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn Data With Direction: Design Research and a System Specification for ‘An Internet Of Rules’ Potvin, Joseph Context: This thesis seeks to contribute to the discipline of Project Management (PM) within the holistic framework that is “project ecology”. This “level of