BTM is a broader definition of professional roles in Digital Transformation and Digital Innovation (DT/DI) projects. It still includes primarily the traditional IS/IT management practices, generally located within the Chief Information Officer (CIO) branch.

Anti-Corruption Intelligence, Evidence, and Prosecution (CorrupIntel) is a research project to develop a number of open-source Artificial Intelligence (AI), Semantic Web, and Knowledge Graph apps to help prosecute bribery and corruption cases.

Cybersecurity Ontology (CyberOnto) and Situational Awareness (CyberSA) help teamwork in Cyber Incident Responses, Control, Containment, and Countermeasures (CIRC3). We integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Knowledge Graph (KG) tech. to automate CyberSA capabilities.

Legislative Intelligence (LegisIntel) is a research project to develop a number of open-source Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph apps, e.g., annotate debates; monitor legislative events; customize info to citizen; multi-agent search; etc.

Project Ontology (ProjOnto) is a research project to develop a new open-source ontology of project management and leadership, based on such open standards as Open Project Management Methodology (OPM2) from the European Union and OMG Essence. It will help to automate project control and semantic intelligence and inference.