Potvin, Joseph

Phase 4-The Prog. DGP Adm. – Grad. 2013 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/joseph-potvin-4231482/ Data With Direction: Design Research and a System Specification for ‘An Internet Of Rules’ Potvin, Joseph Context: This thesis seeks to contribute to the discipline of Project Management (PM) within the holistic framework that is “project ecology”. This “level of

Léger, Marc-André

Phase 6-Grad Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2018 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Raul Valverde LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/itriskmgr/ Implementing information technologies with an ontology of cybersecurity professional skills Léger, Marc-André Problem: Standards of professional cybersecurity skills are numerous and complex. They are difficult to integrate and exploit for talent management in organizations. We propose to take

Kwan, Franck-Olivier

Phase 6-Grad Prog. DGP Adm. – Grad. 2013 –  Dir.; Codir. Véronique Nabelsi; Stéphane Gagnon Web http://www.goc411.ca/en/126055/Franck-Olivier-Kwan Development and implementation of an ontology for the automated semantic analysis of IT project risks  Kwan, Franck-Olivier Problem: This thesis demonstrates the feasibility of using semantic analysis as a risk management tool in IT projects. It assumes that

Khosrojerdi, Farhad

Phase 6-Grad Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2014 – 2021 Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Raul Valverde LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhad-k-6b444413/ An ontology-based decision-making framework modeling power efficiency for photovoltaic systems Khosrojerdi, Farhad Context: Planning an efficient photovoltaic (PV) system requires defining technical parameters that represent different knowledge areas, especially variables associated with the controller in the power

Harnois, Yanik

Phase 6-Grad Prog. DGP Adm. – Grad. 2013 –  Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/yanik-harnois-56669143/ Anti-Corruption in International Development Project Management Harnois, Yanik International Development Projects (IDPs) have become very complex with greater diversity of delivery actors. These include donor and receiving governments, national bilateral agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multilateral agencies, and the vast industry

El-Kass, Wassim

Phase 6-Grad Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2009 – 2018 Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Michal Iglewski LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/wassime/ UQO http://di.uqo.ca/id/eprint/996/ Integrating Semantic Web and Unstructured Information Processing Environments El-Kass, Wassim Unstructured information refers primarily to text but also any information stored without a pre-defined data structure. Significant advances have been made in Natural Language

Barrad, Sherif

Phase 6-Grad Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2017 – 2020 Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon; Raul Valverde LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherifbarrad/ UQO Publication Embargo until Sept. 2021 Impact of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Procurement Strategy on Cost Reduction Barrad, Sherif Procurement is playing an increasingly important role in helping organizations achieve their savings and profitability objectives. Cost

Andriamaharosoa, Sylvia

Phase 6-Grad Prog. PhD STI Adm. – Grad. 2011 – 2017 Dir.; Codir. Stéphane Gagnon LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvia-ph-d-03225564/ UQO http://di.uqo.ca/id/eprint/903/ Causal Structure of Risk in Industrial Systems Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Andriamaharosoa, Sylvia The thesis deals with detecting the causal structure of risk in industrial systems. We focus on the prioritization of risks in the form