Gagnon, Stéphane, (2022), “Digital Project Leadership and Talent Management in the As-Practice Perspective”, The 28th annual Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2022), Minneapolis, MN, August 10-14, 2022; AISeL Proceedings.

Abstract: Digital Transformation studies have emphasized the emergence of new post-alignment challenges with a more seamless integration of business and technology strategies. Project leaders face more complex tasks, requiring hybrid skillsets, blending business and technology expertise, and spanning operational and strategic levels. The research question motivating this review is: how can IT executives best identify and position IT professionals and managers to fit digital leadership roles? These challenges are directly linked to Talent Management (TM) practices to help coach project teams and managers in developing digital leadership competencies. A brief literature review is presented, grounded in theoretical perspectives that link these competencies to IT and digital strategy outcomes. A model is proposed to integrate the literature around Strategy-as-Practice and Project-as-Practice serving as broader theoretical canvas. The conclusion proposes a research agenda to help integrate TM with digital leadership and encourage new empirical studies of digital projects in the “as-practice” perspective.